A file management system written in JavaFX for CSE 2102 Project - Spring 2016.

Iron Gate

build-passing version

Iron Gate is the code name given to a really convenient files and folders organization system. This is a cross-platform application built for Windows and Mac OSX. A few things Iron Gate can do:

  • Tag files and folders for quick search up
  • Save folder structures frequently used
  • Create predefined directories based on common usages
  • Search, upload, and download other user directory templates
  • Easily remove unused files and folders
  • ... more to come

Cloud Support

Iron Gate supports the following cloud services

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive


Any java based IDE can build Iron Gate, although IntelliJ is highly recommended. This project uses gradle as the build tool to gather all dependencies. If using IntelliJ, please import the gradle module when asked.

Libraries and Other Technology

The following is used to develop Iron Gate:

Iron Gate is open source, feel free to contribute!


  • file browser controller
  • tag feature
  • design gui
  • cloud service suppoort
  • everything else